Financial times- IT Centric establishes itself as leader in the ft 1000 ranking for the second consecutive year.

IT Centric’s Continued Excellence: Confirmed as a Leader in the FT 1000 for the Second Consecutive Year

The Financial Times recently published its eighth annual edition of the FT 1000, which highlights Europe’s most successful and revenue-growing companies between 2020 and 2023. The Ranking, drawn up in collaboration with data provider Statista, has become a point of reference for evaluating the excellence and agility in managing the market challenges of various companies in Europe.

IT Centric: A Lighthouse of Growth and Innovation

IT Centric, a consolidated company in the System Integration, Engineering and Managed Services divisions, has once again demonstrated its skills by taking 7th place as an Italian company present in the IT & Software sector in Europe and taking 1st place among Campanian companies according to the Financial Times. IT Centric once again not only met the rigorous criteria for inclusion in the ranking but exceeded expectations, confirming its position as the Italian leader at European level in the IT & Software sector. Over the years, IT Centric has seized emerging opportunities in the digital market and driven innovation in the technology sector. Its commitment to operational prominence and customer satisfaction has been instrumental in driving its rapid rise, distinguishing itself as a force to be reckoned with.

Navigating towards the Future: Challenges and Opportunities

This recognition in the FT 1000 ranking for the second consecutive year underlines our commitment to excellence and innovation. However, this success is not a point of arrival but rather a stage in the company’s journey. By embracing continuous innovation, remaining responsive to market needs, and showing visionary leadership, IT Centric and the other companies featured in the ranking can chart the path to sustained growth and sustained success for years to come.

Being featured in the FT 1000 ranking once again is a significant recognition for us and our commitment to excellence and innovation. We look to the future with confidence and are ready to continue making a difference in the global business landscape.