cisco certificate- security advaced certificate

IT Centric, a leader in IT services for more than a decade, is proud to announce that it has achieved the Cisco Security Advanced certification. This accolade validates IT Centric’s cybersecurity expertise, empowering organizations to adopt more advanced security measures. IT Centric offers a wide range of cybersecurity services, including protection against unauthorized access, automated network protection, data analysis, intrusion prevention, secure remote access and invisibility management . In addition, IT Centric offers training and support services to companies, helping customers stay up to date with changes in security regulations and identify cyber risks and threats. With the resulting Cisco Security Advanced certification, IT Centric is able to provide its customers with high quality cyber security services, keeping them safe from cyber attacks and offering them a secure and reliable working environment.


Password: sase

We tell you about the philosophy of the new declination of “distributed” security. The advantages of the Cisco solution. The world of IT has always been the forerunner of all the socio-economic changes that run through modern society: by its very nature, it must constantly

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it centric new technical sponsor mondial hobie 2023

IT CENTRIC NEW TECHNICAL SPONSOR MONDIAL HOBIE 2023 IT Centric is proud to announce that it will be the Technical Sponsor of the Mondial Hobie MultiWorlds & Europeans 2023 which will take place in July in Cesenatico / Italy. The event, for the first time

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