IT CENTRIC from 23 to 27 May 2022 joined the workshop on computation organized by the INFN School of Statistics 2022 in Paestum, now
n its fifth edition.

 This was the first “presence” edition for INFN after several years and saw the participation of about 120 members, amongthese IT CENTRIC was present as a “sponsor” company together with Cisco as a partner .

The participants from different European countries participated in the duration of the workshop.


The lessons were divided into five sections:


The first section was an introduction to probability theory, including the basic definitions of frequentist and Bayesian approaches to probability.


The second section was devoted to statistical methods, including parameter measurements, maximum verosions and chi-squared methods.


The third section provided an overview of the statistical methods used to define the confidence intervals and upper limits.


The fourth section covered multivariate techniques, including artificial neural networks and enhanced decision trees.


Finally, the fifth section presented the latest generation software tools used for statistical evaluations with interactive exercises.


The whole event, in addition to having a significant success, made it possible to make known the most current studies and ambitions of research in the sector even outside the scientific community itself.