it centric- saving corporate data: our expert’s suggestions for protecting your information.

World Backup Day  is an event that every year reminds us of the importance of data protection, whether private individuals or companies that use technology. While it’s easy to create, edit, and preserve data digitally, it’s not as easy to protect it.

On this occasion we interviewed our IT Architect, dott. Marco Di Stefano, to underline the value of the data and the importance of the backup strategies to be adopted, in order to contextualize the solutions that IT Centric offers and implements for cyber security. Di Stefano underlined how data backup is essential and subject to constant and punctual attention;

<< World Backup Day is a nice initiative, created to make people understand the importance of regularly backing up data, thus making “digital people” aware of the need to safeguard their digital heritage. It has been celebrated on this date since 2011, perhaps because it is the day before the “April fool’s day” although obviously the right time to make a backup is not only on this occasion, but every day. Because it is important? Because, worldwide, more than 100 mobile phones are lost every minute with their data, because about 30% of IT disasters happen by chance even if each of us thinks: “It will never happen to me … I’m good and smart so I’m careful…”; because every month one in 10 computers is infected with viruses and only 1 in 3 PCs have been “backed up”. That’s why it’s important! In fact, the question has a strong socio-economic relevance, if we consider that by now a large part of our data is digital and that we increasingly rely on technology to carry out daily life operations. Just think of telephone numbers, most of us store them only on our mobile phones, the photos that immortalize a memory or a particular moment in our lives, our customers’ address books… In short, “we have” very little paper any situation, in every moment of our daily private or working life, unconsciously, deliberately, out of necessity or for convenience we save and store information, we create digital information which we will then need to consult more or less frequently.

There are many options available for safeguarding your data, whether you are an individual or a business, it is important to choose the right method for your specific needs. Using IT Centric’s methods and solutions with guidance from our expert, you can protect your data and ensure it is safe in the event of loss, theft or damage to devices.

In this context, IT Centric guarantees a complete, secure and reliable service, giving value to the services on various parameters.

Spreading the “culture” of Backup has a considerable value, in a digital and constantly dematerialized world, protecting data means protecting our future.