IT Centric: A Step Forward in Its Evolution –


Advancing in the IT Landscape


In the ever-changing landscape of technology companies, IT Centric recently announced a significant step forward in its entrepreneurial evolution, transforming from  (Limited Liability Company) to an  (Public Stock Company). This transition represents an important chapter in the company’s history and reflects its growth, commitment to innovation and determination to reach new heights.

Press Release and Statement from the President of the Board of Directors and the CTO:

In the press release issued, IT Centric underlined the reasons that guided this strategic decision. The CEO and CTO of IT Centric, [Fabio Orsini and Luigi Diana], said:

“Our transformation from an LLC to an Public Stock Company represents an important step in our growth plan
which looks to the future with great confidence. This decision reflects our aspiration to combine
always better technical capacity, organizational capacity and operational flexibility, to have a
stronger governance and a better ability to attract financing to support our growth
and innovation continues.”

Benefits of Transformation: The transformation into a joint-stock company brings numerous advantages that will contribute to consolidating IT Centric’s position in the technology market:

 Operational Flexibility: The new structure offers greater flexibility in managing business operations and decisions, allowing IT Centric to adapt more quickly to market changes and emerging opportunities.

Robust Governance: The new transformation i involves more structured governance with well-defined rules and responsibilities for shareholders, managers and the board of directors. This will help ensure even more efficient business management. Commitment to Innovation: The decision to this evolution underlines IT Centric’s ongoing commitment to innovation. The company is well known in the industry for its leadership in adopting cutting-edge technologies and its ability to anticipate customer needs. This transformation will allow IT Centric to continue to invest in research and development, furthering its mission of creating cutting-edge technology solutions.

IT Centric’s with new transformation  represents an important step in its growth and commitment to innovation driven by the vision of its CEO FABIO ORSINI, the company is ready to face new challenges and opportunities in an ever-evolving market . With strong governance, greater operational flexibility and access to new sources of financing, IT Centric is ready for the next chapter in its exciting entrepreneurial story.