The Growth Champions – La Repubblica A&F

Rigorous, objective and scientific selection criteria, to identify what the German Quality and Finance Institute defines as "the champions of growth", and IT Centric is one of them!

The Italian economy restarts also thanks to the “Champions of Growth”. So were appealed 600 Italian companies which, after a careful selection, were chosen by the German ITQF Institute in partnership with “La Repubblica – Affari & Finanza”. The survey photographs the list of companies that are the engines of the economic recovery based on the average annual growth generated  during 2017-2020, and more specifically the study focused on the companies with the best increase in turnover and employees in the three-year period indicated. The presence of IT Centric in this list is a source of pride for the company and for Southern Italy in general, given that it has managed to emerge in a ranking where over half of the commercial realities are concentrated in the center-north of the country ( Lombardy, Lazio, Emilia-Romagna and Veneto).