Industria Felix


NAPOLI, friday 3rd july 2020 – Innovative services drive production activities in Campania, performing in 93.7% of cases, followed by agri-food (92.8%), trade (92.7 %) and home system (92 % ). This is what emerges, in preview, from an investigation conducted by the quarterly of economy and finance Industria Felix Magazine, directed by Michele Montemurro, in collaboration with Cerved on the financial statements of 12 thousand joint-stock companies with registered offices in Campania and turnover of over one million euros. The sample was divided by primary Ateco codes and refers to companies that recorded a positive ROE, the profitability index on equity. Overall 90.8% achieved a plus sign for ROE and 82.65% for ROI, while 91 out of 100 companies produced profits.

The complete investigation, for a reduced audience due to the regulations in force, will be presented on the morning of Monday 6 July in Naples at the Auditorium of the Campania Region in the presence, among others, of Governor Vincenzo De Luca, regional councilor Antonio Marchiello and the top management of Confindustria Campania. The event, organized by Industria Felix Magazine and the Campania Region / General Directorate for Economic Development and Productive Activities (through the Development and Cohesion Fund), will be moderated by the journalist, writer and head of Rai 1 structure Angelo Mellone and by the journalist and presenter of Tgl Maria Soave and is made in collaboration with Cerved, Luiss University.

Guido Carli, Industria Felix Cultural Association, with the patronage of Confindustria, Confindustria Campania, the media partnership of Ansa and Il Sole 24 Ore and the partnership of Banca Mediolanum, Mediolanum Private Banking, Lidi Italia, Sustainable Development, FundCredit, Iacobbi law firm. In the event, the Campania region will communicate important interventions in favor of businesses.

The leaders of the 58 out of 66 Campania companies awarded for management performance and financial reliability (with the exception of innovative start-ups) by the Scientific Committee of Industria Felix will also be present. […]

Ten companies operating in the province of Caserta were awarded as one of the best performing companies in Campania, receiving the “Industria Felix” Award now in its third edition. In Naples, at the Auditorium of the Campania Region, at the presence of the President of the Campania Region, Vincenzo De Luca, the Caserta companies received the recognition on the basis of a survey conducted by “Industria Felix Magazine” in collaboration with the Research Department of Cerved, on the financial statements of the fiscal year 2018 (the latest available overall) of 12 thousand joint-stock companies with registered offices in Campania and a turnover of over one million euros in the pre-Covid-19 phase.

As for the province of Caserta, the awards went to the following companies: Cilento, Fattoria Reale di Toreino Società Agricola, Futura Line lndustry, It Centric, Lapo Compound, Lillo, Lsm, Multicedi, Pro ma, Saima. “It is an important signal for our companies, – explained the president of Confindustria Caserta, Luigi Traettino – which show dynamism and considerable resistance to adversity. The industrial area of ​​the province of Caserta is one of the largest and most important in the South and boasts some excellent realities, which, despite the historical problems, exacerbated in this period by the Covid emergency, are able to maintain high levels of competitiveness both on the market internal and foreign. The award is a reason for hope for our industrial system but also a reason to strengthen awareness of the considerable potential that exists “.

The awards given to the companies from Caserta confirmed the overall growth of the industrial sector in the area, which recorded important results among the companies with a turnover of more than one million euros. In this category of companies, in fact, in terms of turnover, the province of Caserta (the data refer to 2018) is in second place behind Naples, with a share of 15 billion euros. Finally, it should be noted that the Lapo Compound company, whose President and Managing Director is the Vice President of Confindustria Caserta, Clelia Crisci, received the “Industria Felix” Award for the third consecutive year.