It Centric joins the s3k consortium

Starting from 2020, IT Centric has joined the S3K Consortium.

The “S3K” Project aims to aggregate some of the leading national companies in the field of Cyberspace (Security & Intelligence, Critical Infrastructure Protection and Cyber Security) in order to enhance initiatives launched by small and medium entrepreneurs by way of fully exploiting their ability to create synergies among themselves with a final objective to propose to both public and private market physical and logical, integrated and multidisciplinary solutions. Cybersecurity is a war with its attacks and threats, its defense measures and countermeasures, while at the same time being a race of speed run like a sprint by hackers.

Therefore, S3K sets itself a goal of providing a complete and innovative market response as the absence of a specialized national industrial entity makes it impossible to address in an extended way the primary technological challenges of the new millennium arising from cyberspace. Cyberspace is composed by five essential dimensions, and the relative combinations among them, from which different types of risks can be generated: computational capacity, networks, software, data, people. The goal is to activate integrated and multidisciplinary capabilities that allow an organization to reliably reach the set objectives, to have the ability to face threats and to operate by guaranteeing the integrity of the systems and infrastructures as much as possible while respecting the policies and company procedures. 

S3K has decided to pursue design of advanced security solutions, making innovation and excellence the peculiarities of the brand. Another important target will be the continuous pursuit of customer satisfaction, by always guaranteeing the absolute excellence of the proposed solutions, maximum reliability and constant commitment to quality delivery. 

The goal is to create a virtuous circle that brings together know-how, propensity to innovate, R&D and market presence.